Marek Rei

I am a Research Associate in University of Cambridge, and a member of the Natural Language and Information Processing Group. My main focus is on the ALTA project, an industry collaboration with Cambridge English, with the goal of creating innovative new technologies for language learning and assessment. I'm also a visiting lecturer in Tartu University, teaching a course on machine learning and language modelling.

Before that, I was a member of the Research team in SwiftKey, where our goal was to focus on potential future technologies, thinking a few years ahead. We divided our time between further improving our existing machine learning solutions and developing new ideas for future products.

I received a PhD degree as a member of Churchill College in Cambridge, with my thesis on Minimally supervised dependency-based methods for natural language processing, under the supervision of Professor Ted Briscoe. Before that, in 2008-2009 I did an MPhil course in the Computer Lab, called Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology. The topic of my dissertation was Adaptive Interactive Information Extraction.

I also studied three years in Tallinn University of Technology where I got my bachelor's degree with the thesis Creating a Model for Audiovisual Speech in Estonian.

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Research interests

My main areas of interest include:

Other interests

Piano, guitar, dancing (salsa, rock'n'roll, ballroom/latin), nature, geocaching, good movies, good books


See the separate page that lists my projects.


E-mail: marek ├Ąt marekrei dot com


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